Morocco In The Guinness Book Of World Records 2008

Greatest number of descendantsThe last Sharifian Emperor of Morocco, Moulay Ismail, known as The Bloodthirsty, was reputed to have fathered a total of 525 sons and 342 daughtersMorocco1672–1727
Largest dress11.2 m (36 ft 8.94 in) in length (manufactured by the Association de la Femme Artisane Agadir)Displayed at the Kaftan show in AgadirJuly 7-11, 2006
Heaviest human pyramidTahar Douis supported 12 members of the Hassani Troupe (three levels in height) weighing 771 kg (1,700 lb) on his shouldersMoroccoDecember, 1979
Tallest minaretThe Great Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco, measuring 200 m (656 ft)Morocco
Fastest run 1,500 metresHicham El Guerrouj ( 3:26 )MoroccoJuly, 1998
Fastest run, 200 metresHicham El Guerrouj (4:44.79)MoroccoSeptember, 1999
Fastest run, mileHicham El Guerrouj (3:48.45)MoroccoFebruary, 1997

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